Safe Haven

The Safe Haven Program provides daytime shelter as well as basic needs services such as meals, showers, clothing, hygiene supplies, transportation, and communication tools. These emergency necessities alleviate the demands of survival that often distract youth from engaging in educational or health-related activities.

Informational materials and field trips link youth to free and specialized neighborhood services, while special events such as birthday parties and holiday celebrations seek to reconnect youth to the traditions of society.

Through the provision of basic needs in a safe and welcoming space, staff take the first steps to build trust with youth, encouraging them to disclose more serious issues. and take steps toward wellness. On a daily basis, our direct service team works to build rapport with clients, providing a first line of counseling and conversation aimed at engaging  them in higher commitment programming opportunities such as health, education, and employment services. The Safe Haven Program has proven to be a successful entry point into intensive case management services where we provide crisis stabilization, linkages to health and mental health services, housing, and other services supporting stability and self sufficiency.

Day Shelter

Hot Meals


Hygiene Supplies/Toiletries


Clinical and Education Referrals

ID/Birth Certificate Acquisition Assistance
Mail, Telephone & Internet Services (Maybe we should include a link here to the USC study and why this is so important to our clients)
Special Events & Field Trips

Daily and Emergency Services for Youth’s Companion Animals



  • There are nearly 4,000 young homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles every year[1]
  • This past year, we served over 1,700 individual youth through nearly 21,000 visits to our Hollywood facility.
  • Additionally, 30 percent of the youth accessing services participated in employment readiness programming, while 1,380 (81 percent) participated in creative arts and educational programming
  • MFP’s clients are 66% male and 33% female.
  • The ethnic breakdown of the youth we serve is:
  • 35% African American, 26% Caucasian, 21% Latino, 2% Asian/Pacific Islander, 8% mixed ethnicity, and 8% other.

Gay youth make up a disproportionate segment of young people living on the streets in LA; a recent study found that 40% identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or unsure of their sexual orientation.

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