MFP Partners with the Do ArT Foundation for Community Mural Project!

MFP’s Resource Center for homeless youth has undergone some incredible renovations this year! The generosity of partnering foundations and friends have made it possible to significantly increase our capacity to serve the young people in a safe and welcoming environment. In addition to the extraordinary transformations taking place within our walls, MFP and the Do ArT Foundation are now partnering to reflect the internal transformation by beautifying our external space. Art has the ability to uplift and create positive impact by beautifying and reflecting color into the healing surroundings. These incredible artists have worked with the young people to ensure that they are represented in the community and their voices are reflected on the face of our building.

Thank you to the Do ArT Foundation for inspiring the young people of MFP!

Evan Mendleson

John Park

Aly Timbuctustate

Aly Timbuctustate

Christina Angelina

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