Clothing For Every Body

body positive fruitFeeling good about your body and the way you look is challenging enough under the best of circumstances. For our young people experiencing homelessness, body positivity can be particularly challenging, with greater struggle to find well-fitting clothing.

In an effort to help our young people feel and look their best, we are asking our community for help! If you, your friends or your colleagues have men’s or women’s plus size clothing—especially pants and jeans—please drop them at My Friend’s Place. Just as our services are not one size fits all, the clothing options for our young people shouldn’t be either. We accept clothing donations Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at the visitor’s entrance located at the back of My Friend’s Place. For more information, contact Dana Rust, Development Assistant, at (323) 908-0011 ext. 124 or

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