Cirque du Monde

Cirque du Monde is a social circus program created by Cirque du Soleil and Jeunesse du Monde that targets at-risk youth. It combines circus techniques with educational social intervention to help young people thrive. Social circus aims to foster self-confidence and help the young people identify their strengths and hidden talents.

Circus arts call for trust, teamwork and skill building—elements that can help young people develop a sense of belonging. Cirque coaches allow for freedom and creativity while demanding perseverance and discipline. The workshops create a space for the young people to engage in play and express their creativity while creating new bonds with a society that has often excluded them.

Cirque du Monde does not claim to be a cure-all for the myriad societal problems or past traumas of the young people we serve, but neither is it some vague pastime that only succeeds in distracting young people from their day-to-day life on the streets. Rather, Cirque du Monde serves as a springboard to a new path toward stability and wellness.

Cirque Staff


Rebecca Levis

Michelle Sargent


Alan Ascencio

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Cirque Staff Winter 2012