Get Muddy With Team Grey’s Anatomy and My Friend’s Place

Want to take on the Tough Mudder Half in Los Angeles and support homeless youth with Team Grey’s Anatomy and My Friend’s Place?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Register for the Los Angeles Tough Mudder Half at


Create your Crowdrise fundraising page at


Fundraise like crazy by e-mailing everyone you know, telling them about your fundraiser and share your link on social media asking everyone to join you in supporting youth experiencing homelessness. Win awesome prizes including Tough Mudder/Merrell prize packs, meet and greets with Giacomo Gianniotti and his fellow Grey’s Anatomy cast and more!

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In order to understand homelessness, it is important to underscore the humanity of those it impacts.


In order to understand homelessness, it is important to underscore the humanity of those it impacts; defining them by their potential and not their circumstances.

When I found the courage to embrace my Transgender identity, I was unprepared for the social consequences of living in my truth. I was no longer considered a person, and was reduced to nothing more than an “it.” The stigma associated with the Trans narrative lead to job discrimination, followed by unemployment and eventual homelessness. Women’s shelters wouldn’t accept me based on my gender at birth, and men’s shelters wouldn’t accept me because they feared I’d become a safety liability. I was 19 years old, devoid of support, and living in a state of desperation I’d never known before. I became exponentially more susceptible to violence while living on the streets and I feared that I’d lose my life to transphobia like many of my friends had.

Living on the streets makes the world seem so much larger as life becomes so much smaller. I walked endlessly on many cold nights; hungry, exhausted, alone and doubtful that my life would ever get better. Homelessness is difficult in and of itself; but the mental, spiritual and emotional displacement associated with it reinforces trauma that many never overcome. I used heavy drugs to cope with the disgusting, humiliating and deeply demoralizing things that were done to me out of survival. I carried a great deal of shame around those experiences because they made me feel broken, worthless and undeserving.

As tragic as those accounts may sound, I wasn’t after anyone’s sympathy and I didn’t need or require their pity. What I desired more than anything was a hand up—not a handout. As the ancient Chinese proverb suggests; Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day…teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The objective here is not to save homeless youth. It is about supporting and protecting social service agencies and resources, like My Friend’s Place, that empower youth to save themselves. It’s about allowing young people to draw from their own strength and tenacity in a way that will change their lives forever. This is how we truly break the cycle and affect change! Although I was a victim of my circumstances, My Friend’s Place helped me claim full victory by helping me realize my potential.

As a homeless young person, survival became my top priority. Before life on the streets, I held aspirations of living an adventurous, creative, purpose-filled existence. Like many youth, I was never quite sold on a particular path, but knowing that I had the capacity to attain whatever it was my heart desired fueled me every day. Those dreams were overshadowed by the dark reality that, to the world, I was a non-factor. I watched as people saw me and did everything in their power not to allow their eyes to meet mine while passing by me. Perhaps it was because they feared I’d ask them for something, or maybe they wished they could help but didn’t know how. One thing was for certain; I had become invisible to society. I felt that because I was invisible, I had no place in the world. There was no sense in browsing life’s “menu options” when I didn’t even have a seat at the table.

By the time I’d found My Friend’s Place, I’d become so conditioned to focusing on my immediate needs that I had completely abandoned my intrinsic wants. The writing workshops, art groups, cooking sessions, movie days and occasional outings that My Friend’s Place extended to me made me feel as though I were among the land of the living again. Those spaces engaged me in a way that sparked the curiosity that drives many of us to discover passion and purpose for our lives.

I didn’t have money or resources for a vacation, but those activities were always the highlight of my week, month and sometimes year. It’s those little things that many take for granted, that I found so much joy, hope and comfort in. If but only for a few hours, I wasn’t just another random “homeless person” like I had been in other programs. I was a poet, an artist, a cook, a movie critic, a journalist, the clothing closet stylist of the century, whatever I wanted to be! The biggest take away from those experiences was not only rediscovering my future; but the firm reinforcement that I was the future. I no longer felt invisible, I felt invincible!

The circumstances I thought would scar me for life are now a beacon of hope for those still searching for the light at the end of tunnel. Those who have no one to help them uncover their passion or purpose; those lives that have been forgotten, ignored and overlooked. I am reminded that my past is a present reality for homeless youth still living on the streets today.

By supporting the mission of My Friend’s Place, we are actively increasing the chances of a young person’s survival. I stand here today no longer a drifter, cradled by the shadows of the night, but a dreamer, awake to the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer. My journey is a testament to homeless youth everywhere that it truly does get better. Like myself, they are worthy, one of a kind and they too have the capacity to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.

—Ashlee Marie Preston, My Friend’s Place Alumna and 2016 My Friend’s Place Champion of the Year


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Are You Up For The My Friend’s Place #GivingTuesday Challenge?!


This #GivingTuesday, please consider supporting the creative programming at My Friend’s Place that empowers homeless young people to discover their identities and tap into their greatest potential.

Will you help us meet our $5,000 #GivingTuesday Challenge?

Your participation in our #GivingTuesday Challenge can make a tremendous impact for the young people at My Friend’s Place. Together, if we raise $5,000 today, we can:

  • Provide one year of creative and living arts programming for 10 youth
  • Offer 500 hours of paid youth internships
  • Support 200 hours of expert instructor time across various creative arts workshops
  • Host 20 cultural and creative experience field trips around Los Angeles

We know that storytelling can be a powerful experience, especially for the young people we serve here at My Friend’s Place. Put a camera in their hands and make space for their ideas, vision and voice, and the results are rather extraordinary. Earlier this year, with the support of our partners at the Happy Hippie Foundation, My Friend’s Place recruited five youth to be the aforementioned interns to create an original video. This wasn’t just your average film shot on an iPhone. With the guidance of the experts at Scheme Machine Studios and Let’s Build, our five young people not only created the concept and storyboard for the video, but shot, starred in and help to edit the final product, seen below.

During the production process, the five youth participants realized there was a common theme in all of their experiences at My Friend’s Place, which came to shape the film’s overall direction. While each young person shared that they initially came to My Friend’s Place in search of meeting a basic need, be it a meal, clothing or just a safe space from the stress of the streets, what they ended up finding at My Friend’s Place was something far more significant. They found their identities beyond being a young person struggling with homelessness. Through the programming offered at My Friend’s Place, they tapped into their creativity, their passion and their greater sense of self.

Please partner with My Friend’s Place and support our creative programming this #GivingTuesday by clicking here! 

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Thanksgiving Hours


Happy Thanksgiving! My Friend’s Place will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24 & 25, 2016 in observance of the holiday.

We will resume accepting in-kind donations on Monday, Nov. 28, at 9 a.m. Should you need further information, please e-mail

Thank you for supporting youth experiencing homelessness in our community.

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Brighten The Holidays For Homeless Youth!


Partner with us to provide gifts for 250 homeless young people ages 12-25 receiving care and support in their transition toward lives of stability and self-sufficiency.

Contribute items from the list below, sponsor a holiday gift drive, gather gifts with family and friends or host a giving tree at your work, community center or business.

2016 Holiday Wish List:

Hoodies – All Sizes (Small – XXL)

Scarves and Gloves


$10 Gift Card for Groceries – Target, Food 4 Less, Vons

$10 Gift Card for Food – Subway, Chipotle, Starbucks

$8 TAP cards pre-loaded with a day pass

Movie tickets – ArcLight, AMC, Regal

Please bring or ship all new, unwrapped gifts to My Friend’s Place by Friday, December 9th for our youth to receive at the Holiday Party on Friday, December 16th. For more information on participating in holiday celebrations at My Friend’s Place, becoming a holiday sponsor or underwriter, or helping out at My Friend’s Place as an individual volunteer or corporate volunteer team, please contact Rachel Sanchez at (323) 908-0011 x109 or

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